Student Manager (Standard Edition)

Student Manager (Standard Edition) is a software platform developed for the management of basic and secondary schools. It is two-component system consisting of software modules and well-defined customization procedures for the implementation of customized School Management Information Systems suitable for nursery, primary and secondary schools.

The major areas of operation of the platform is divided into three namely:

  1. Students Record Management Automation e.g. Students Personal Data Management, Scores and Grades Management etc.

  2. School Administration Automation e.g School Finance Managment and Accounting, Staff Management etc.

  3. Web Integration.

The platform is network enabled and provides intuitive and personalized user interfaces thereby making it amazingly easy to learn and use. It also has innovative security and staff access control features. In addition, the modular nature gives schools the option of choosing all or subset of features.

Student Manager dramatically increases teachers' productivity and efficiency by relieving them of many routine tasks thus allowing them to concentrate on the more important task of preparing and delivering lessons. It analyses individual student performance thereby making it possible to personalize each student's learning experience

Furthermore, the web component provides online access to the platform from anywhere in the world allowing parents and guardians to make payments and follow their wards progress online real time. It also provides a means for management to standardize and monitor its administrative activities at the click of a button.

Student Manager Platform (Standard Edition) consists of two components namely:

  1. Desktop Component
  2. Web Component

Desktop Component

This is a client-server system that runs on the school's local intranet. It consists of modules design to automate the key functional areas of basic/secondary school management. These modules are described as follows;

Student Manager Core

This is the main module of the platform. It Integrates all other modules and provides them with essential data and services and ensures that all parts function as a whole.

Some important features of this module include

  • Students and Staff registration with Direct Digital Data Capture
  • One click allocation and promotion of students to classes.
  • Automatic subjects registration for students
  • Teachers and Classes Management
  • Subjects Management
  • Role based Access Control
  • Security with User Monitoring
  • Secure backup (with data encryption) and recovery
  • Student Population Distribution Analysis and Reports
  • Quick Search and location of records
  • e.t.c.

Student Manager Internal Assessment

This module collects and manages all results of internal tests, exams obtained by students. It keeps track of these information as students move from one class to another. It also provides statistical analysis of these results in order to measure both individual and class performance.

Some important features of this module include

  • Automated collation and grading of students' result using the general grading systems
  • e-Result.
  • Generation of fully customized Result Sheet (with pictures)
  • Generation of fully customized Transcript (with pictures)
  • Individual Student's Progress Analysis and Report (with charts)
  • Class Performance Analysis and Report (with charts)
  • e.t.c.

Student Manager Basic Finance

The Basic finance module manages students' financial records. It bills students and track fee payments while producing necessary reports. It also manages advance fee payments by parents thereby providing additional pool of funds for the school.

Some important features of this module include

  • Student Billing and generation of individual student's Fee Schedule
  • Fee Payment Management
  • Debtors' Management
  • e.t.c.

Student Manager Advance Finance

It is an extension of the Basic Module with advance financial transactions management features. It manages all income such as fee payments, sales etc and tracks all expenditures with extensive accounting and book keeping capabilities

Some of the features of this module (in addition to all the features of the basic finance module) include

  • Advanced Financial Transactions Management with Audit Trail
  • Accounts Management and Book Keeping
  • Payroll
  • e-Balance
  • Statment of Accounts e.g. Income and Expenditure statements
  • e.t.c.

Student Manager External Assessment

This manages all results obtained by students in external examinations. It currently supports JSCE, WASSCE and NECO examinations. Its statistical analysis gives the school an empirical measurement on their students performance in these important examinations.

Some of the features of this module include

  • Production of customized Statement of Result (with candidate pictures)
  • Candidates Performance Analysis and Report (with charts)
  • e.t.c.

Utility Modules

Utility Modules are collection of mini modules that extend the functionality of the main modules by providing additional but very useful features. They include;

Customized and Personalized Bulk SMS

This module provides bulk SMS services to the platform. With this module, fully customized and personalized SMS can be sent to parents/guardians instantly and conveniently.

Customized and Personalized Bulk Email

This module provides bulk electronic mail services to the platform. It allows fully customized and personalized emails to be sent to parents/guardians instantly and conveniently.

Student Attendance Management

This module works like an electronic students register that manages students attendance and produce necessary reports.

Web Component

The web component of the platform consists of a web portal with content management. The portal uses an innovative synchronization technique to synchronize with the desktop component and provides students, parents, staff etc access to information from the platform via the web. This enables students' financial status, academic performance, attendance etc to be monitored online.

Furthermore, the synchronization technique enables the school to work with the platform offline whenever there is disruption in internet service and the system will automatically synchronize with the web portal whenever internet service is restored.

The web portal could also be customized to integrate into existing websites

The following web modules are available to provide additional functionalities

Classroom Chat

This allows members of each class to have live discussions online with each other and their teachers.

Online Payment

This module provides a secure online payment platform allowing parents to make payments from the comfort of their homes or offices and the school's financial records will be updated automatically (i.e. the student's account with the school is automatically updated and the transaction is posted to all necessary accounts books such as the cashbook etc). This eliminates the need to retrieve student online payment information and manually update the schools' records!

Online Admission Management

This module enables prospective students to pay and fill their admission forms online. The school can then process the application while the applicants track their admission status online.

Improved supervision and control

Student Manager centralizes all student and school information and their use making supervision and control very easy. For example, teachers have access to only the classes and subjects they teach while HODs can access all subjects under their departments. It is also a powerful means for enforcing standards.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Student Manager automates school management processes making them easier, faster and cost effective.

Personalized learning experience

The various analysis and reports on student performance give empirical measures of students' strengths and weaknesses making it easy to tailor the learning process to meet their specific needs.

World wide access

The web component provides controlled access to parents and students to info such as scores, financial status etc. It also facilitates online payments with live classroom discussions from anywhere in the world!

Robust, scalable and easy to use

The platform is self administrative with minimal hardware requirements and does not require advanced computer skills to manage or use. It is independent and is not built on already existing applications like Microsoft Access or Excel.

Ability to work offline

The desktop application works independently of the web portal. Therefore the school can work with the platform offline whenever there is disruption in internet service and synchronize with the web portal whenever internet service is restored. This greatly minimizes system downtime.

Structured and systematic implementation

The process of implementation of Student Manager follows best international software implementation practices with in-dept analysis, comprehensive staff training, seamless integration into the school's workflow and excellent technical support.

An evolving platform

Student Manager is continuously being improved to make it more adaptable to school growth and new technologies.

You are welcome to have a feel of the platform by exploring the demo web portal.

For a comprehensive demonstration of the entire platform (both the desktop application and the web portal) please call the following numbers to schedule a demonstration session

  • 0704 2320540
  • 0806 6806397

Please note that scheduled demonstration are only available in selected locations in Nigeria for now

If you experience any difficulty, do not hesitate to contact us at

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The cost of the platform is based on a pricing model that provides suitable entry points for all categories of basic and secondary schools.

Furthermore, schools have the option of starting with a subset of modules. More modules can then be added in the future as required. This allows schools to deploy the platform incrementally so as not to place a heavy constraint on their budget.

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