Student Manager (Advance Edition)

Student Manager (Advance Edition) is a software platform developed for the management of student information in tertiary schools. It leverages on the innovative features of the Standard Edition to provide an advance student management information system capable of meeting the complex requirements of student information management in tertiary institutions.

The major areas of operation of the platform is divided into three namely:

  1. Students' Biodata Management

  2. Students' Result Management

  3. Web Integration.

The platform is network enabled and provides intuitive and personalized user interfaces thereby making it amazingly easy to learn and use. It also has innovative security and staff access control features. In addition, the modular nature gives schools the option of choosing all or subset of features.

Student Manager dramatically increases productivity through efficient record keeping. It speeds up the process of collation of results and preparation of statement of results, transcripts etc, which can also be sent to recipients electronically.

Furthermore, the web module provides online access to the platform from anywhere in the world allowing students to register and follow their progress online real time. it also provides a means for management to standardize and monitor its administrative activities at the click of a button.

These modules are designed to meet the requirements of key functional areas of Students Records Management in tertiary institutions. They are;

Main Modules

Student Manager Core

This is the main module of the platform. It Integrates all other modules and provides them with essential data and services and ensures that all parts functions as a whole.

Some important features of this module includes

  • Students and Staffs registration with Direct Digital Data Capture
  • Department and Program Management
  • Student Course Registration
  • Role based Access Control
  • Security with User Monitoring
  • Secure backup (with data encryption) and recovery
  • Student Population Distribution Analysis and Reports
  • Quick Search and location of records
  • e.t.c.

Student Result Management

This module collects and manages all results of internal tests, exams etc. obtained by students. It keeps track of these information as students move from one level to another.

Some important features of this module includes

  • Automated collation and grading of students' result using different Grading Systems
  • Result Analysis and Reports with charts
  • Generation of fully customized Statement of Result (with pictures)
  • Generation of fully customized Transcript (with pictures)
  • Generation of different types of result summary reports for each department and program
  • Other custom reports can also be integrated
  • e.t.c.

Utility Modules

Utility Modules are collection of mini modules that extends the functionality of the main modules by providing additional but very useful features. They include;

Integrated Bulk SMS

This module provides customized and personalized bulk SMS services to the platform. With this module, institution can enhance communication with their students by quickly and conveniently sending broadcast messages to multiple recipients. In addition, the messages can be personally addressed to each recipient

Integrated Email

This module provides email services to the platform which has become the preferred means of information a nd document exchange. This module allows documents to be sent via email at the click of a button

Web Integration

The web component of the platform consists of a web portal . The portal automatically synchronizes with the platform to make its information accessible via the web. This enables students to register online for each semester, make online payments using electronic payment channels, check their semester results etc.

Furthermore, online payment and application for post-UTME and other courses can also be integrated into the portal

Improved supervision and control

Student Manager centralizes all student information and their use making supervision and control very easy. It is also a powerful means for enforcing standards. Various analysis and reports on student performance can be generated thereby enabling effective monitoring of overall academic performance

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Student Manager automates school management processes making them easier, faster and cost effective.

World wide access

The web component provides controlled access to students allowing them to pay and register online for each semester. Also students can access to information such as semester result.

Robust, scalable and easy to use

The platform is self administrative with minimal hardware requirements and does not require advanced computer skills to manage or use. It is independent and is not built on already existing applications such as Microsoft Access or Excel.

Structured and systematic implementation

The process of implementation of Student Manager follows best international software implementation practices with in-dept analysis, comprehensive staff training, seamless integration into the institution's workflow and excellent technical support.

An evolving platform

Student Manager is continuously being improved to make it more adaptable to school growth and new technologies.

Please call the following numbers to schedule a demonstration session anywhere in Nigeria

  • 0704 2320540
  • 0806 6806397

The cost of the platform is based on a pricing model that provides suitable entry points for all categories of tertiary schools

Furthermore, schools have the option of starting with a subset of modules. More modules can then be added in the future as required. This allow schools to deploy the platform incrementally so as not place a constraint on their budget.

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